International Talk Like A Pirate Day & Teapot Tales Release

Ahoy! thar!

Do you know what today is? Besides that it be September 19th? It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!  

And do I have some fun news t' share. There be a collection o' short stories was released recently as an anthology: 

Teapot Whales! No. That don't sound starboard. Teapot Scales? Oh me no. Wait I have it...silly me. It is Teapot Tales!

And it be all about pirates, mermaids and sea monsters from t' wide blue. Have you heard o' it? You should because it has magic, wonder and adventure. Everyone enjoys some bit o' adventure don’t you think? We could always use some magic too. 

Come celebrate with us as we talk like pirates on International Talk Like A Pirate Day and read Teapot Tales!

As a token o' our appreciation, we’ve decided not t' make anyone walk t' plank. Instead, we be givin' away some pirate treaaye. Aye! Loot! So you can plunder and read excitin' tales. But you can’t win anythin' if you don’t enter so click below for your chance t' win some booty! Arr! 


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