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Crimson Critique Submission

I submitted the first page of my novel, Crimson, for a critique through Children's Book Hub earlier in the week. Will hear back by next week. Curious about the feedback. I really enjoy writing stories and feel passionate about it. Look forward to each step of this process and growing as a writer!

Excerpt from Crimson: Fablelands series by Julia Lela Stilchen

Excerpt from Crimson: Fablelands series by Julia Lela Stilchen

Rumors about the shifters roaming at night, deep in the dark forest of Grimwood, were spreading like wildfire. When they gather in groups, their eyes ignite like blazing red spheres lurking out from the shadows. No one knows what the shifters do in their gatherings but many believe they are in search for a new victim. Children, like Hansel and Gretel, have mysteriously turned up missing.
Something strange was happening in Northhaven and everyone was becoming paranoid. Red’s parents, in particular, began to barricade all the windows and doors. Her father purchased special candles, made from dragon whale wax, lighting them all around the cottage. He believed it would help mask their scent to prevent the shifters from tracking them.
Recently, their daughter, Red had begun to sleepwalk. At first, they hoped it was a temporary phase and that everything would just go back to normal. Then, they found her wandering throughout the v…


Currently working on a book called, Crimson, a retold fairy tale of Red Riding Hood.

Progress status: